Long Term Relationship System
1. Raising Interest Levels
Now, on a positive note, let’s say you have found a good woman, and you want to raise her Interest Level upwards. What do you need to do to accomplish this?
  • Firstly, it needs to be over 50% to begin with. (If not, you are better off getting rid of her and finding someone else.)
  • You need to practise the steel traits of Challenge + Confidence + Self Control. And you need to practise all of them together.
  • Once you raise her Interest Level beyond 95%, you also need to do what it takes to keep it above 95% and prevent it from falling down. For this you need to practise the velvet traits: Affection + Respect + Romance + Humour. Doc Love refers to this as the maintenance programme.
 = Amount of work required on her part to win you over.

Self-Confidence = Product knowledge of Life in general and women in particular. The more you internalise and practise THE SYSTEM, the more confident you will become.

Self-Esteem = How much you value yourself. This is where it is important to say no to a woman from time to time, specially when you know that she’s asking for something that would compromise your integrity. And women do indulge in this, perhaps due to their unconscious need to test your manly traits.

You also need to remember that every woman is imperfect, so you need to make a note of all her imperfections. This will ensure that you’re no longer blinded by her feminine charms and wiles; instead you will become a Spartan that sees things as they are. This is all the more important when the woman is physically attractive. Perhaps you can call it Reality Therapy.

Control = Patience + Self-Discipline + Self-Control

3. Attitude
Now, these are the manly traits. As far as a woman is concerned, her Interest Level might be sufficient if she is only your girlfriend. But if you are considering living with this woman for the rest of your life, it is also extremely important to gauge her attitude.

You need to ascertain whether:

  • She is flexible
  • She is a giver
  • She has Integrity
  • She is self-reliant
  • She is clinically sane
  • She does not have too much emotional baggage from the past

Integrity in turn is comprised of LoyaltyHonesty and Trustworthiness, with Loyalty being numero uno.

Remember: You date her Interest Level, but you marry her Attitude.

Your formula for a happy long-lasting relationship is as follows:

  • Find a woman with a good attitude and Interest Level over 50%.
  • Practice Confidence + Challenge + Control to raise her Interest Level to 100%.
  • Practise Affection + Respect + Romance + Humour to keep her Interest Level from falling down.
And if you care about your long-term happiness, you need to avoid the following types of women like a plague:
  • A user
  • A mercenary/gold-digger
  • A professional dater
  • A woman with a low self-esteem
  • A woman with psychological problems
  • A Feminista (a.k.a. feminazi) that distrusts/hates men in general.

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Absent-minded moments
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Confidence, Self-control and Challenge

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True change starts now. Right effort.

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You need to let this person go. They are too wrapped up in thinking their thoughts are real that they cannot separate themselves from the situation and their emotion and accept your apology.

You've done all you can to make amends, but this is something that doesn't want to be mended. Let her go and if she calms down she might reopen dialogue. If not... Don't take her anger onboard. It's not yours to take.

This isn't the same as giving up, mind -- it's acquiescing to the wishes of another until they gain a clearer head.

The real lesson here is acceptance, in your own case. It's difficult to accept when people don't like us, or won't forgive us.

You have to let her go, in the sense of not trying to control her, but being available for her in the future, should she come around and forgive you.

Have confidence in yourself. You have made a mistake, but now you want to do the right thing, and that is noble. You don't have to feel any guilt now, because you want to do the right thing. You can accept that you're an imperfect being and sometimes you say the wrong things. We all do.

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fame and prosperity are usually the by-products of success. But they are not success itself.

Success is bringing quality into the very action you are taking right now. Quality means bringing the utmost care and attention into every action. We’ve discussed that the present moment is the only moment we have; and therefore success simply comes from putting our heart into whatever we are doing right now.


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Never do anything stupid.

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Just do what you need to do.
Better to say nothing than to say something that can harm you.

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Don’t compare your path with anybody's else's. Your path is unique to you. Whatever path you take, it's God calling you.

-Ram Dass


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